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Are you looking for some inside, up to date, must have information about web servers for your VPS hosting? Knowing what is available before you make your final decision about which server you choose for your business website can give you a real advantage. Here is a comprehensive overview and report about VPS hosting and Web servers.

A VPS Web server acts as a stand-alone server, complete with its own users, IP addresses, memory, root access, and configuration files. The size of these virtual servers can be adjusted much more easily than physical servers, making them a versatile asset for any company or group using them. Today, there are three top Web servers for VPS hosting that are leading the way for others.


Apache happens to be one of the most powerful development platforms for Linux VPS, along with its community project Tomcat. Linux continues to be one of the most popular development OS because of the numerous free and open source (FOSS) options available for users. Along with Apache, a Linux virtual private server can become a powerful tool for businesses and groups. The greatest benefit of Apache is that it allows users to manipulate certain plug-ins and functions without affecting the local server. Apache is meant to run on a Java VPS and provides users with a clean environment with which to work on. It also allows users to both test and break any Java applications, all while not affecting the local server. Numerous people can work on testing within an Apache server and even if it crashes, it does not affect anyone else on the VPS. Additionally, users can commence testing from any computer, making an Apache VPS mobile and easily accessible.

IIS7 & IIS7.5

This is a VPS Web server that is included with Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2. One of the advantages of the IIS7/7.5 over Apache is that it works with all Microsoft operating systems while Apache may have problems with some Microsoft OS configurations. One of the new changes that Windows made to the IIS7.5 is the addition of the Best Practice Analyzer feature. You can run this feature with the virtual private server to get the best practices for security and performance. This can mean a fast, more improved website and overall functionality of any programming being done using the VPS system. Other added features in addition to the security and diagnostic testing include request filtering to block harmful requests and administrative tools and tasks.


This VPS option is becoming increasingly popular for its versatility and portability. Ngnix works virtually across all OS and platforms, making it one of the most adaptable of the VPS options. This virtual private server uses a scalable architecture that allows users to expand as necessary. Although it uses a small memory, it is extremely predictable. It can scale from small VPS to larger sizes as needed and users can depend on its high performance to deliver every time. Like Apache and IIS7/7.5, it too comes loaded with features.

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